Posted on Mar 17, 2020

Polo Cleaners Rancho Santa Margarita


Mar 17, 2020 – Apr 15, 2020
How often should you dry clean your clothes? That’s the million dollar question.
There’s a pervading myth that dry cleaning your garments too frequently can damage your clothes. It’s quite possible this idea comes from people who have seen items fade, lose their shape, or shrink from being washed and dried at home and who assume dry cleaning will have the same effect. But, the truth is that dry cleaning is vastly different from home laundering.
It is an industry that is supported globally by chemical and mechanical engineers, research facilities and universities that specialize in the care and cleaning of textiles.

Polo Cleaners dry cleaning will actually prolong the life of a garment. In fact, it’s the oils, body salts, colognes, perfumes, hair products, insoluble soil, rain, food and beverage stains that will shorten the life of your garment. The ground in dirt acts as an abrasive, causing rapid wear of fabric fibers. And, the insect can be attracted by the sugars and salts left behind by food stains, causing irreparable damage.
Valid Mar 17, 2020 – Apr 15, 2020
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